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Scouting and analysis

The Toolkit can count on a very vast network of excellences in the entrepreneurial and startup area, together with collaborations with the main players. This, supported by the expertise of our team, allows us to gain precious insights on the market trends and the hottest start-up investment opportunities.


Reports and support

Our company provides a useful set of tools for the investors such as: detailed and periodic reports, based on continuous screening and analysis of the performances of the venture backed projects; concrete support to the management of the investments; tutoring and coaching the project’s team.

Investment Boost

Our goal is to minimize the possibility of occurrence of write-offs and optimization of the performance of the investment. We commit to do so through a stringent and rigorous selection of the projects and accessing the database of projects and spin-offs of the major universities and research centers in Europe, with which we have partnership agreements.


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For Investors

Select and monitor your investment

When you choose your favourite investment option, we can support the team through constant mentoring or consulting. You will be provided with monthly reports on the company and be updated after every board meeting. Once your investment will be ready to perform and generate a value through selling your shares, we will be able to support you in every step.

Screen the projects

While browsing through the projects, you will be able to do so with the right set of tools to understand the background of the company, its financial situation and projection, the perks of the team and the economical background in which it has deployed.

We provide economic and financial evaluation, team evaluation, due diligence support and legal and tax evaluation.

Ask us for your field of interest

We are specialized in Italian and European high value businesses. You can ask us for a precise target, or just indicate a field and investment size you would be interested to find projects within. We will propose you the best investment opportunities of our network or do the research for you.


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For Companies

Fundraise in our network

Once passed the evaluation phase, you will be able to access a great network of investors in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. We will provide you with all the support required to maximize the chances of receiving the funds you need and often work in parallel with you and the investor to maximize the efficiency of the process.


If we think that your project holds value, we proceed with the screening phase. We will set up a meeting, in person or online, to know more about you, your company and all the data that we might need to get a comprehensive view. Through this phase companies become more prepared for investors through positive feedbacks, advice and coaching. Meanwhile, we confirm while this is a great investment opportunity for TheToolkit’s network.


Submit your request

We are always looking for interesting projects, cutting edge technologies and solutions to widespread problems. So if you think that your company might be a good fit, submit us your request here and your application will be reviewed by our team. We will get back to you with our feedbacks and, if we think there might be a fit, we will take it to the second phase.


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Network and International Forums

In the Midst of World Innovation

Organizing and supporting international investment and business forums in the fastest growing fields, we open a window on the world of innovation and growth.

Top level opportunities

The tangible points-of-reference for who is seeking for unique investment insights, top level networking and meetings with world class players in finance, economy, research and science.

Development hubs

We share with our partners our network, expertise and ambition to create together knowledge and development hubs on the global fastest changing economies.

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